August Monthly Digest: Developer Dashboard, Final Stages of FLEX, GOSH testnet and More

EverX monthly update: August

Ever.Live: Reliable Algorithms and Improving Experience

The Ever.Live team continues to work on replacing React Native components with React components in order to completely switch to React, which increases the speed of UI. One of the recent changes is a new date-time picker component based on a React library and other components under the hood.

  • Sped up statistics for accounts;
  • Swapped the the old datepicker out for a more comprehensive version from the React library and adapted it for Ever.Live;
New datepicker on Ever.Live

Node: New Shard States Storage

With the help of the Everscale community, the Node team has been taking necessary actions to prepare for working on the node version update. Synchronizing these efforts is critical because this update itself is critical. It requires long-term operation with the database in order to restore it, therefore it’s crucial to arrange the order in which the validators will do the update on the node.

  • Shard state storage and optimization: currently model has a very heavy garbage collection mechanism
  • Persistent state deserialisation: saving into shard state while the nodes boot
  • Stabilizing the REMP solution: thanks to the community’s suggestions, the team has began working on topics related to deploying a solution for slashing, and want to apply it to current main network
  • Currently in the design stage: a solution for using multiple workchains in one network
  • Finalizing drive chain solution

Infrastructure: GOSH Testnet

For those who aren’t yet up to speed on one of the latest ventures, GOSH is a decentralized community Git blockchain, purpose-built for securing the software supply chain, while allowing developers to build consensus around their code. GOSH is the first and only formally verified Git implementation. Recently, there has been a wave of security breaches and malware attacks affecting numerous projects that store their code on GitHub, underlining the importance of using decentralized git storage.

Flex: Updates Galore, Limit Orders and More

While half the team enjoys summer holidays, the other half is busy with finishing the necessary features for launching Flex DEX in the Mainnet.

  • We see the order doesn’t actually execute at 8500: the DeBot fills the order at 8320–buying from the orderbook at the best price available.
  • The concept is clear how orders are filled with the best available price and that one order can be filled from several prices.

Evernode Platform/SDK


Over the past few weeks the Evernode team has completed two milestones: Authorization and the Developer Dashboard.


Authorization to Evercloud will be mandatory starting on the first of September (09/01). Be sure to get your credentials and read through the Get Started guide.

Developer Dashboard

If you’ve read through the Get Started guide you have most likely discovered the Developer Dashboard which we will continue developing as a product. Other than access credentials and security settings, the roadmap includes project analytics and, in the near future, handy developer web tools.

Client Libraries

Core (Rust)

  • Improved the time synchronization mechanism;
  • Basic Auth key was supported in network config.


  • lib-web option disableSeparateWorker.By default, lib web starts a separate worker that will utilize core (wasm). So the main thread never freezes — it is sufficient for UI. Although in some cases (e.g. when a worker already exists in an application or extension) a separate worker is a bad approach. In this case the application can suppress this with libWebSetup({disableSeparateWorker: true}).
  • The team also fixed some issues with memory allocation in the web version for zip/unzip operations.


The team added a REST API endpoint/se with several management functions to their famous blockchain emulator.


The team also released node version upgrades and bug fixes.



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