Authorization and dashboard

2 min readJul 29, 2022

Dear Evercloud users and Everscale developers,

This is an important announcement.

Starting from September 1st 2022, Evercloud API access will only be available for the authorized users.

To get your credentials, please go to and follow the guide

From the Evernode Platform team

We are continuously working on improving our products and authorization was a natural step forward. Authorization allows us to apply different limit policies for different types of users, add billing and, therefore, have the opportunity for further platform improvements because of eliminated API abuse and collected funds.

Reliable scalable public infrastructure is a crucial instrument for the onboarding of new developers with a good argument to try our network: after a quick registration you’ll get the endpoint for free.

Billing will be introduced in the near future and, of course, it will be a Freemium subscription, so projects with a low number of requests will continue to have free access and newcomers can always try our ready-to-go infrastructure for free.

About the dashboard

Currently, the dashboard will only provide you with access credentials for your projects. In the near future project security settings and analytics will be added. We will continue expanding the dashboard with cool new features for developers.

Evercloud availability, response time and limits

Together with authorization we introduce balancing endpoints for each network: no need to implement balancing on the client side any more!

For the last year the availability has been 99.99 (downtime caused by network issues is not included in this calculation). Medium response time is 50ms.

There is a limit of 100 connections per second from 1 IP. No additional limit policy is introduced yet, but soon we will introduce query cost based limit policy.




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