EverX March Digest

3 min readApr 4, 2023

Greetings, dear EverX community!

We are excited to present our latest developments and share them with you below.

Flex DEX

In March, the Flex team focused on the following tasks:

Completed and released the first version of the Flex Web UI for public beta testing.

  • Available at stage.flexdex.fi
  • Production release is expected in April, along with further improvements to the Surf Keeper extension (trusted dapp)

Continued testing the new DEX contracts in Devnet in preparation for the DEX upgrade in Mainnet.

  • Optimized price contracts for order capacity
  • Optimized Flex wallets with new replay protection and increased queue capacity (rolling id)

Began developing a new contract specifically for Market Makers, which will allow for optimized work with liquidity in the order book.

💬 Join the group chat on all things Flex DEX here.

Node team

EverX node has released performance improvements for operating with large shard states in local databases, which is especially necessary for high load scenarios.

The testing of REMP protocol functionality and performance is ongoing, along with the implementation of additional improvements for protocol stability. In the development network, the REMP feature was switched on in mid-March.

Additionally, a new feature for estimating the required fees amount on sequences of linked smart contract calls has been released. It allows for the nomination of all fees in gas units (with respect to the current gas price) and greatly simplifies the process of fee estimation for smart contract developers.


  • Venom testnet was supported in Evercloud (but it is not yet present in the dashboard, only in docs)
  • REMP was enabled in Devnet, rempReceipts subscription is available.

Read these guides how to use remp receipts in your DApps:



  • FT API updates:

Ability to filter tokens by token creator added;

Even tokens with 0 total supply and tokens that have no transfers can now be queried;

Holder tokens now can be filtered by an array of token addresses.

  • New accounts collection search abilities:

Added indexes by {init_code_hash, id}, {prev_code_hash,id} for accounts. Now you can search and paginate accounts by init_code_hash and prev_code_hash.

  • New release of Evercloud dashboard includes new features as:

FLD network, which allows testing early network protocol updates, is available in Evercloud dashboard. No authorization yet;

Free token faucets were added to Evercloud dashboard. Now you can request tokens in Devnet and FLD networks;

Password reset functionality added;

getting started panel added;

GraphQL icons are small and colourful to attract attention.

Also, the team is finishing the account and project analytics ATM.

⌨️ If you have a question ask the team right here.


Proud to announce a new release of the Everscale Solidity Compiler, dubbed “0.67”. The compiler is a cornerstone of the smart-contract development for the Everscale blockchain ecosystem, effectively enabling utilization of benefits of the de-facto industry standard, high-level programming Solidity language, thus unlocking an enormous potential of the platform. Keeping the compiler source code base up-to-date with the cutting edge is a non-trivial task. Fortunately, the new release closes the gap between state-of-the-art and Everscale implementations.

A couple of changes are required to compile the source code with the new version (refer to https://github.com/tonlabs/TON-Solidity-Compiler/blob/master/Changelog_TON.md for details). The good news is that the code generated is conforming to ABI v2.3, making it binary compatible with the already deployed contracts compiled with the previous version of the compiler.

For an exhaustive list of the changes and improvements, please refer to https://github.com/ethereum/solidity/blob/develop/Changelog.md, 0.6.3 to 0.8.17.

Quality of the release has been thoroughly verified on a subset of 300+ distinct smart-contracts, with a result of 0 outstanding issues found. If you are interested in a pre-compiled binary, or in a complete developer tools package, check out https://github.com/tonlabs/TON-Solidity-Compiler/releases/tag/0.67.0.

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