EverX November Digest

4 min readDec 1, 2022

It may be getting chillier outside as the market doubles down, but while we’re waiting for that bear to enter hibernation, we’ve assembled some updates that will keep you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. We strive to be informative and to provide transparency regarding our team’s activities each month, and for them to be shared publicly to the Everscale ecosystem and our investor network.

From the Flex DEX to EverLive and many updates from EverPlatform–we’ve picked the top news that defined the past few weeks here at EverX. So go grab that last slice of pumpkin pie and dive into our highlights for the month of November 2022.

Flex DEX

The FLEX team recently listed three additional pairs on the platform for traders, which tallies six in total on the current list of traded pairs, being:


✅ In the Flex GUI the team added an option to make Market orders in addition to Limit orders:

✅ Also a new feature is an option to set custom trader keys (useful for developers who work with Flex SDK):

After extensive and rigorous testing with the market makers of the Flex SDK library and Flex API, it has finally been updated to include additional methods as well as replacing float numbers with decimal numbers for greater accuracy.

Additional updates include the team having continued to make improvements under the hood both in GUI and DeBots while also continuing to work on the Flex Tokenomics contracts.

💬 Join the group chat on all things Flex DEX here.


This month the team added a few new features and improvements to LIVE thanks to the Token API 2.0, which was released by the EverPlatform team. The features include:

  • Filter by token name in the catalog of TIP-3.2 tokens
  • Statistics for the number of TIP-3.2 tokens
  • Statistics for the number of holders for a particular token
  • Optimized display of long lists of tokens in account details

They’ve also made a refactoring of explorer’s navigation to React Router as well as other fixes and optimizations


REMP protocol testing and optimization is in progress. 🎉

A couple of redesign decisions were implemented to improve performance and efficiency: three rounds of implementation and testing were passed on both internal environment and the community network. The following round is slated to start ASAP.

The Node team has also completed other various updates such as:

  • Deployment of SMFT (new consensus) implementation was started on a dedicated community network.
  • Formal verification process for Solidity elector and config smart contracts was initiated.
  • EverX Devnet has been restored after an incident of one shards stopping on November 17th due to a mistake which occurred in the state of one smart contract from approximately one year ago. A dedicated patch was applied to all validator nodes to clean up the broken contract state.


A fair amount of optimizations are currently being made in SDK/API which will be included in version 1.39.0. SDK and will perform less requests, the websocket protocol will support retries, and plenty of bugs will be fixed.

The GOSH team has been helping the EverPlatform team test multiple message processing use-cases, which revealed the problems stated previously. These optimizations along with a new API (see below) is essential when REMP is enabled.

  • Multiple message processing API is being designed. The current design causes high infrastructure load on the backend when there is a case of many parallel messages processing.
  • Gosh has been experiencing problems with the current message processing mechanisms due to many parallel message processings taking place simultaneously.
  • Once Flex migrates to the new replay protection it will also face this problem–because the throughput of messages will be higher.
  • After REMP is enabled, it will automatically allow anyone to send multiple parallel messages to many contracts, which will cause the infrastructure to bottleneck.
  • The team has decided to move the processing mechanisms to the backend which will drastically improve the infrastructure throughput.

Flex support

The EverPlatform team has also implemented a lot of new features, improvements and fixes on the Flex SDK/API side. They’ve improved makeOrder/cancelOrder functionality by adding a light-weight framework behavior, so that users can understand the order processing status and result. They’ve also removed Float type from API completely, so that they do not have problems with roundings.

A Top Up mechanism and getters for Flex balance and User Index info were also added to the SDK.


The Flex API is currently being added to Evercloud. Throughout the month working with their integrating partners, the team created an extensive Flex integration guide for all users, so stay tuned for further announcements!

✅ That’s it for this month’s digest. Stay tuned for more updates from the dev team at EverX! Be sure to follow our accounts to stay up to date:




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