EverX September Digest: Drive Chain, FLEX DEX, Ever.Live and more updates.

5 min readSep 15, 2022


Dear EverX community,

The summer days are coming to a close and the days are getting shorter, but things are really ramping up over here at EverX. Over the past 30 days the developers have been working hard in their project teams and reporting on milestones. We’re pleased to share our latest updates with you below.

Node Team

The Node team have been mainly focused on finalizing Drivechain. Drivechains, decentralized storage devices in the Everscale network, are essentially workchains that are optimized in order to store large amounts of data. Drivechains have unique smart contracts located on them and in order to store a file on a drivechain, you need to deploy a “file index” smart contract.

Memory optimization of Node:

By introducing a new method of cell storage and a new garbage collector mechanism the team have been able to improve memory consumption.

  • ‘Old version’: the previous version before optimization used up to 100gb memory
  • The ‘New version’ is optimized, but because it doesn’t utilize ‘low memory mode’ of cell storage it can work well up to 35GB
  • The ‘New version’ in ‘Low memory’ mode works slower, uses memory cache but only uses up to 6GB

The team is also in the process of testing REMP (Reliable External Messaging Protocol) with the community.


Great news! The FLEX team recently implemented a new container along with other elements which work to increase the capacity for order queues. The team has reported that they previously logged 240 orders in one queue in a price contract, but with the new updates they’re able to log a 100x improvement over the initial capacity.

Deployment of new DEX on mainnet

FLEX is officially on mainnet (though temporarily in incognito mode 😎). In preparation for launching on mainnet, the team took care to review the deployment scripts in order to reduce cost of deployment.

Three trading pairs are now available on FLEX

The FLEX DEX now features three pairs available for trading on mainnet: EVER/USDT, WBTC/EVER and WETH/EVER. The team is ready to deploy the rest of the pairs according to information from market makers, which will make 10 pairs in total. They are taking care not to list pairs without proper liquidity.

The Orderbook will analyze the user’s order and execute at the best price available.

Tagging on to the exciting news, we want to underpin the value of one of the most important features of FLEX: the Limit Order functionality. When a user places an order at the best price in the Orderbook, the order will immediately be executed at the best price. But when a user places their order at a price different from the best price — the Orderbook prices will then be analyzed and the order will be executed at the best available price when possible. 🤑

Flex Electron Dapp — FLEX’s little secret 🤫

Flex has been released on mainnet as a Dapp, which currently trades with real tokens, but access has currently been limited to a select few to ensure the quality and experience is met. Flex DEX contracts have been deployed on mainnet and they are immutable. Any changes to the DEX contracts are only possible through the migration procedure to the new version of the DEX. Access to the Flex DEX is possible through different versions of the Dapp, which provide UI for traders.

Currently, access is only available through a desktop Flex Dapp for various platforms, but more options will be available at a later date. Dapps may also include DeBots under the hood (or another other technology). Dapp contracts are not immutable, and new features will be added to UI more often than DEX updates. When the Flex API will be open, anyone will be able to make a Dapp to provide UI for trading on Flex DEX.

The Dapp is currently available for Windows, Linux and Mac users and will be available to the public shortly. 🥳

Ever.Live Team

The Ever.Live team was focused on two main topics this month:

  1. Refactoring from React Native to React. React Native is like React, but it uses native components instead of web components as building blocks. The goal was to remove React Native from the bundle to reduce the size as every step improves performance and reduces the time needed to render pages. The team demonstrated how Ever.Live now loads quicker and can render a long list with images without delay.
  1. The team implemented components on mainnet such as a navigation bar, software version details, a new filter for messages from accounts, along with the ability to filter the messages by internal or external. These new UI component are helpful for realizing account messages.
Further block details: Software version

Quick updates from the Evernode Platform Team


From 09.09.22 Evercloud has only been available for authorized users. Please proceed to https://evercloud.dev/ to get your credentials.

The Token API is on the way to production with the release expected for the middle of September. Keep an eye out for the announcement!


We have huge news! We’re thrilled to announce that the team has increased SE speed up to 70–400%, depending on the test logic. Everscale development is much faster now 🥳



Flex SDK https://github.com/tonlabs/flex-sdk-js has been updated to the latest Flex contracts version–and yes, the DEX itself is not yet available to the public–but it will be soon.

The team also kicked off the development of the MVP version of Wallet SDK https://github.com/tonlabs/wallet-sdk-js which will cover such use-cases as deployment of different types of owner wallets, getting token balances and implementing token transfers.

What’s next?

  • Release of Flex API to Evercloud
  • Support of Gosh VM features in SE and SDK
  • Wallet SDK
  • “Make a snapshot”/ “Revert to snapshot” commands in SE that will allow to save local node state and return to it.
  • REMP release to production
  • And much more!

✅ This sums up the last few weeks from the dev teams at EverX! Be sure to follow our accounts to stay up to date:




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