October monthly digest: FLEX DEX, Evercloud API and REMP improvements

Dear EverX community,


  • Successfully performed stress tests;
  • Now supported in Dengine and SDK.
  • Performed the first migration in the Flex history concerned the renewal of the userDataConfig contract;
  • Redeployed the DEX contracts to support ABI 2.3 before public launch;
  • Next migration planned at a later date will include: (1) high capacity price contracts; and (2) flex token wallets with rolling id replay protection.


Ever Platform (formerly Evernode Platform)

  • Subscriptions now work reliably without daily reconnections;
  • Work via websocket protocol do not cause memory leaks now;
  • Reach maximum http and wss request throughput with best performance to define component scaling in production;
  • q-server code refactoring (a lot of unused code was removed) and unused API deprecation, to ease maintenance.




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EverX is an independent infrastructure and ecosystem developer for the Everscale Network