TON Labs Rebrands to EverX

4 min readMar 21, 2022

Please welcome our new identity: EverX!

The blockchain dev clan you’ve come to love and trust has upped their game and rebranded, ready to bring even better, faster solutions to market.

Over the past few years, our team has grown significantly, gratefully due to the commitment from our talented employees and perseverance. We’ve made a name for ourselves in one of the most competitive industries all while experiencing a global pandemic, war and major upheaval.

As the industry flourishes, so do opportunities. We want to take the time to reflect on this and thank the entire team for believing in EverX. We all have a choice about where to work and the fact that our team has stayed so strong and dedicated is nothing we take for granted.

EverX is dedicated to making the world a better place and that starts from within. Without our team EverX wouldn’t be able to do the great things we are capable of — to change the world through technology that empowers people to create amazing things.

We are all here because we have unparalleled capability to make an impact.

The Rebranding

As Everscale continues to surpass its network objectives and scale to new heights, both metaphorically and technologically, we also felt that ‘TON Labs’ was no longer truly aligned with our current identity. After much internal deliberation, we landed on a name loved by all — EverX. Together with the founders’ visions and continued focus, EverX’s unique products and tools, the rebranding to EverX provides an opportunity for our ecosystem to chart a stronger and more ambitious path for the future.

While we have seen success, we are determined to do more. Our industry does not follow tradition — it thrives on innovation. This is a critical time for our team and those that believe in EverX. We are headed for greater places — as technology evolves but we evolve ahead of it.

As we start a new phase of our journey together, let’s share some words from the founding team on the rebranding and road ahead.

A few words from the founding team

Alexander Filatov, CEO of EverX commented, “It’s difficult to come up with a brand for a company that developed and delivered the first truly scalable Blockchain — Everscale. I love both parts of that name. ‘Ever’ symbolizes commitment to continuous perfection. ‘Scale’ reinforces achievements in performance. I think adding X to Ever brings an additional dramatic angle to the company ambitions. Ever eXploring, Ever eXponential, Ever eXcited or whatever is the meaning behind EverX that inspires to perform and make this world a better place.”

AleX, ever eXceptional.

“I feel fortunate to work closely with such talented people.” Mitja Goroshevsky, EverX CTO commented, “Without them, we wouldn’t have the solid foundation on which we’re building this revolutionary technology.”

Pavel Prigolovko, EverX CSO chose to drop a few exciting tidbits regarding the promising road ahead: “Apart from finalizing core components development based on the vision described in the white paper, we plan to launch new products governed by utility tokens. It includes Flex, Surf token and one more very important project to be announced this spring, which is aimed at deep involvement of developers into the Everscale ecosystem.”

Dmitry Malyugin, CFO of EverX chimed in stating that, “EverX has never been a follower — always a leader — and we want our team to feel this way, too. We believe its time to invest more into our own people as they are the strength of the company and the people who are developing the tools for a positive future.”

Forever X

EverX is known as a leader for end-to-end OS technology enabling a true decentralized internet delivering security, trust, data ownership, censorship resistance and privacy.

We believe the principles of free software allow us to effectively develop advanced, sustainable products and services that contribute to and benefit from the greater community. Our tools empower global communities to build and develop solutions and applications that can be easily accessible to everyone.

Now more than ever before, EverX is dedicated to strengthening the foundation of open source software for the world to explore, build and develop solutions and applications by accessing unparalleled technology.

Let’s build on this foundation together.




EverX is an independent infrastructure and ecosystem developer for the Everscale Network